Advent Day 5


Photo of Kim Pauling and Natasha Kendall Kim Pauling & Natasha Kendall – Taking Ownership

Since starting in their role, Kim and Tasha have successfully undertaken a number of projects and grown into their unique position as Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioners (APNPs).

They have established a new clinic for infants with jaundice and faltering growth; a Children’s Assessment Unit working group to create targeted and measurable quality improvement within the unit and wider department; worked tirelessly to support the busy junior doctor rota. They are a real breath of fresh air in the department. These two people are exemplars of how hard work and enthusiasm can drive change and raise the aspirations of those they work with.

Photo of Ben HyamsBen Hyams – Taking Ownership

Ben’s qualities as a ‘master of motivation’ are so invaluable. Through his upbeat leadership style he’s able to keep all of us in the team focused on the reason we do the job: to make a difference in patients’ lives by providing access to cutting-edge treatments through clinical trials.

His calm, diplomatic and respectful style is excellent for the difficult discussions around allocation of resources and team capacity. His personal example is no small part of why despite challenges, UHP`s recruitment to research grew to almost 5000 patients last year.

Also nominated were:

Business Change & Clinical Systems Training Teams        

Vicks Woodbridge-Harris, Physiotherapy

Sue Pendleton, Theatre Central

Andy Latham, Theatre Central

Dave Pendleton, Theatre Central

Sue Ashton, Theatre Central

Katie, Boote, Theatre Central

Sue Holden, Theatre Central

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