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Jude Fewings and the Neurosurgical Therapy Team & The Business Advice Team -  Taking Ownership


Jude Fewings and the Neurosurgical Therapy Team -  Taking Ownership

Photo of Neurosurgical Therapy Team Jude has continued to drive improvements in cervical spine collar care across the acute hospital and community settings with the support of the neurosurgical physiotherapy team. Her sheer determination and persistence has led to the creation of a collar Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and improvements in training and education of staff, patients and carers. She drove the development of collar care information leaflets and videos and significantly improved the safe management of patients with cervical spine fractures.

All the therapy staff associated with the development and implementation of collar care over the past five years deserve to be fully recognised for their sheer hard work and determination in this field.

The Business Advice Team - Taking Ownership

Photo of the Business Advice Team The nomination said: 

“I would like to nominate the Business Advice Team for all the fantastic work they have done supporting the Trust’s STP capital bids. Over the last two year the Trust has been successful with four bids securing provisional funding of over £60m.

“The Team has had to put in an enormous amount of work into the bids, often dealing with very short deadlines and completing very detailed analysis of the cost implications. They continue to do this work, on top of already significant service demands which has made life very difficult for the team to manage whist the application process was underway. I am so proud of their achievements and they deserve massive credit.”


Also nominated were:

Kerry Glidon, Theatre Central

Lisa Brodribb, Theatre Central

Angela Kelly, Theatre Central

James Greaves, Theatre Central

Catherine Martin, Theatre Central

Ruth Hemes, Theatre Central

Elton Trevor, Theatre Central

Mark Walker, Imaging

Mr Adams, Trauma and Orthopaedics

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