Cancer Supportive Care Directory

This supportive care directory focuses on the most common sources of distress that people with cancer may experience. Distress can be caused by a wide range of physical, social, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual factors, all of which can interact. The directory offers options to help deal with these issues and makes suggestions for local and national support.

This supportive care directory aims to provide simple, background information to help patients and professionals find ways in which they can help manage the distresses which may arise through a persons cancer experience.

It is important that patients discuss concerns with their clinical nurse specialist, GP or other health care professional.  This directory is designed to support these relationships and not to replace them.


1. Physical Concerns

2. Practical Concerns

3. Family/Relationship Concerns

4. Emotional Concerns

5. Spiritual or Religious Concerns

6. Additional Information

Additionally, please follow this link to view the Cornwall Care Services Directory.


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