Carers have an important role in the effective and safe delivery of treatment and care of patients in hospital; this role will often cross the boundaries between the patient’s home and the hospital setting. It is important that we are able to identify, involve and support Carers in the clinical setting in order to get the care of the patient right.

At University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust we promote the patient Carer relationship; ensuring that the Carer is able to continue in the caring role to improve the inpatient experience, promote well-being and support the discharge process. For some groups of patients the involvement of their Carer is important in the delivery of care in hospital, e.g. children, patients with dementia, those with a Learning Disability and patients on an End of Life pathway.

There is now a Carers Support Coordinator based at Derriford Hospital on Level 7 in the Discharge Office on a Monday and Thursday from 10.00am – 4.00pm.

They are based at Derriford to offer support to unpaid carer’s who are looking after a family member or friend who is in hospital. If they wish, we can undertake a statutory carers assessment with them to help them think about the ways caring will/does affect their life

The carer’s themselves may need someone to talk to  about:

  • how they will manage their caring role when the person they care for is discharged
  • emotional support
  • advice on managing their own wellbeing alongside their caring role
  • support with the discharge process
  • information or signposting about various aspects of their caring role such as benefits advice, support groups and training

If you are looking after or supporting a family member or friend then it may really benefit you to be made aware of our service and the support we offer. We are happy to come up and chat with carer’s on the wards if we are available, or we can contact you at a later date if you are happy to leave your contact details.

The contact number for our team based at Derriford is 07305 007 985. Please leave a message and a contact number if nobody answers as we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Carers themselves may have specific needs whilst they are supporting someone in hospital. The NHS recognises the need to care for Carers.  More information regarding this can be found on the NHS Choices website

Our Carers Policy can be found here.

To tell us about your experience of our services as a carer, please click here.

There are many local agencies available who provide support and information for Carers across Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and Torbay:

Plymouth: Caring for Carers
Devon: Devon Carers 
Cornwall: Cornwall Carers
Torbay: Carers Support

These services are offer a range of support and this may include:

  • Statutory Carers Assessment
  • Advice and information
  • Looking after yourself
  • Meeting other carers
  • Drop-in Support groups
  • Taking a break from caring
  • Training and practical skills workshops  to help you care
  • Planning for the future
  • Carers Card and Discount Scheme
  • Newsletter/Carers events

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 Caring for Carers 
Caring for Carers Plymouth is dedicated to improving the quality of life of local carers. We do this by providing quality information and practical support to any carer aged 18 and over who is providing unpaid care to someone in the city of Plymouth.

  • We offer a range of support to help carers:
  • Advice and information
  • Looking after yourself
  • Meeting other carers
  • Taking a break from caring
  • Training and practical skills workshops  to help you care
  • Planning for the future
  • Carers Card and Discount Scheme
  • Newsletter/Carers events

We recognise the important work carers do and understand they may need support themselves.

  • We assist carers to access relevant information to support their needs and the needs of the person they care for. This can include home visits.
  • We undertake individual support plans with carers to create a flexible plan that aims to improve their health and well being and support them to take short breaks from their caring role through a variety of activities and interventions.
  • We support carers to access funding from the Carers Support Fund and enable them to take a short break from their caring role.
  • We make appropriate referrals to information services for carers to obtain up to date and good quality advice relating to their rights, carers assessments, support services available, money and benefits advice.
  • We respond to carers experiencing difficulties, providing appropriate time limited emotional and practical support and refer to counselling services when this is an identified need.
  • We provide support through drop-in sessions throughout the city where adult carers can meet other people in similar situations and be given the opportunity to share experiences if they wish.
  • We work with carers to provide a ‘Plan for the Future’ in order to prevent crisis and support them when their caring role ends.
  • We provide a training programme of practical skills for carers including introduction to caring, basic first aid, stress management, safer moving and handling, preventing falls and dementia insight.
  • We provide activities and events throughout the year for carers to attend.

For further information and to register please contact the Carers Hub direct:
Tel: 01752 201890

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