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There are numerous benefits to joining a gym or health club as opposed to working out at home. Of course there is a huge range of expensive equipment for you to use, but it's no use having all that equipment if you don't know how to use it properly. One of the many benefits of using a gym, is that most gyms employ properly trained staff who will help find you an exercise programme that is right for you and help you gain results from your workout.

When you join DCHW you are required to attend an induction/orientation session, generally lasting up to an hour with one of the gym team. The instructor will then invite you to attend a session with them to work out an exercise programme that suits you and helps you achieve your goals. These sessions are included in your full membership package.

Our Courts

Become a full gym member and pay nothing extra for use of badminton/squash courts!


Book a court and play with friends, as long as at least one of you is a member, come down and have a game. *Guest fee applies to non-members.

Court Fees:

Off peak : £4.95

Peak: £6.70

Off peak times are Mon-Fri 7am-4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday all day.

Interested in becoming a member of a badminton club?

Mondays - Club standard 7pm-10pm - Contact Gill Jones for further information on 07908 725186.

Tuesdays - Beginners standard 9am-11am - Contact Pat for further information on 07964 177379


Here at DCHW we offer a glass backed court, book a squash court today, enjoy a game with a competitor that's not only fun but great for your fitness too. *Guest fee applies to non-members.

Court Fees:

Off Peak: £4.60

Peak: £6.00

Off peak times are Mon-Fri 7am-4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday all day.

Interested in joining a squash league?

Mini leagues, tournaments, meet new opponents and join for free.

Contact andrew.tucker2@nhs.net to enquire.

*Guest fee: £1.50 per person.

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