Derriford Joint School

Welcome to Derriford Hospital's 'Joint School' for joint replacement surgery.  Our programme has been designed to help you prepare for surgery, recovery more quickly and help you get back to normal life and activities as soon as possible.


Your successful and rapid recovery will be supported by our team, which includes ward nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and orthopaedic surgeons.  We all work together to help you rehabilitate after your surgery, but you are the most important part of the team.  The more you can do to contribute to your recovery, the quicker you will feel better and the sooner you will return to a normal active life.


Welcome to the Derriford Hospital Joint Replacement Programme

Getting ready at home for your operation

The day of your surgery

Your recovery on the ward

Hip exercises you can do in your bed

Knee exercises to aid your rapid recovery

Going home after surgery

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