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Our diabetes exercise group has been successfully running, (jumping and sweating!) for over 12 months and we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a new week day class.  Please come along and join us.

Diabetes Exercise group 2


Well done to Clare on her role



A big thank you from one of our patients and his friends.  During a recent Steam Engine rally they raised a very generous £158 for the Diabetes Centre charitable fund.

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Great news the Abbott Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system is available on NHS prescription of some individuals with Type 1 diabetes.  The Local Clinical Commissioning Groups for Devon and Cornwall have put in place prescribing guidance.

FreeStyle Libre policy (26 March 2018).pdf [pdf] 143KB


The exercise group is still going strong, we even ventured outside to enjoy the sunshine.

If you want to join us there is always room, Thursday 6pm at Brickfields Sports Centre



Well done Kathy Easton Dering who smashed her first race. She looked brilliant at the end. This lovely lady has fund raised for all those living with type 1 diabetes. If you like to donate please see her just giving page. Ps does she look amazing at the end too smiley— feeling proud at Plymouth Britain's Ocean City 10

KED 10k



Well done to everyone who has completed the first 3 weeks of the Diabetes Exercise Group at Brickfields Gym.

BEX2 picBEX3 pic

If you have diabetes and want to get started, come along. 

It's great fun we even did the Hokey Cokey last week!!

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