The Plymouth Health and Social Care Ethical Decisions Advisory Group (EDAG)

The Plymouth Health and Social Care Ethical Decisions Advisory Group (EDAG) has been established:


  • To provide ethical support and advice for caregivers and health providers.
  • To raise ethical awareness with the aim of enhancing service provision across Plymouth.
  • To provide advice and support for staff in ethical decision-making.
  • To encourage all health and care staff to work within an appropriate ethical framework.
  • To share learning regarding ethical approaches amongst staff, providers and commissioners.
  • To ensure there is an equitable collaborative approach to decision-making and prioritisation across Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon partners and between different services and care pathways.


EDAG is available to provide advice on both clinical ethical cases (those that concern how care should be provided to a particular patient) and on organisational ethical issues (those that concern how services should be provided to groups of people, or issues affecting staff).


The members of the EDAG include people who have experience in General Practice, secondary health care, mental health, and community provision, medical education, and outside of health care in the voluntary sector. They have been selected so that the Group will be able to draw on a wide range of knowledge and expertise.


Referrals must be made using one of the two structured referral forms. There is a form for clinical ethics cases and a different form for organisational ethics issues.  


Please review our process and associated flow chart for further information. You should seek the advice of your own organisation’s existing internal decision forums before making a referral to the EDAG.  


For all enquiries, please contact

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