Image of a counselling meeting A professional and confidential counselling service is available for patients undergoing IVF treatment at the centre.

"Thank you very much for all your help and support through a very difficult time for me"

Why counselling?

Having a child is a major life event for any individual and couple. When this is proving difficult to achieve and requires medical intervention, it can feel like a major crisis. The emotional 'ups and downs' experienced by those trying for a baby undergoing treatments are well recognised within the field of infertility. For this reason, the opportunity for counselling is included as part of the Centre's overall care, and is in accordance with the requirements made of all licensed treatment centres.

How can counselling be of help?

Whatever the surrounding circumstances, nature of infertility and eventual outcome of any treatment, those who are experiencing difficulties often find they need to talk to someone who will help them to:

  • Make sense of how they are feeling.
  • Explore and clarify their thoughts and concerns.
  • Understand their reactions and ways of coping.
  • Identify choices and make decisions about their lives, including whether or when to start treatment, go for a certain kind of treatment or stop treatment altogether.
  • Plan their future with or without children.
  • Come to terms with treatment not being successful, available or possible at all.

A counsellor is trained to be such a person, and when working in reproductive medicine, is informed about the medical and technological procedures as well as the legal, social and psychological aspects of infertility and treatment.

Please note that the first counselling session is free of charge for IVF/ICSI/DI patients.

Our fertility and miscarriage counsellor:

Francine Blanchet, M.A., B.A., MBACP accred. 

Francine has various times available for face-to-face counselling sessions on a Thursday afternoon at our clinic. If you would like to know more about Francine's service or would like to book a session either visit her website (see above) or call our clinic's main telephone line: 01752 432621.


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