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Improving patient experience is a key priority for the Trust.  There are many ways for patients and their carers to tell us how we are doing such as patient surveys and through our Patient Advice and Liaison Team. The Friends and Family Test provides a mechanism to identify poor performances and encourage staff to make improvements where services do not live up to the expectations of our patients. 

Since April 2013 our Emergency Department and wards have been asking patients “How likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?” 

The responses, combined with other questions from our inpatient survey, means we can identify where patients concerns are and make changes to improve the experience for our patients. 

The first results were published on July 30 2013 and are available on 

We need your help!

To get a really good understanding of our patient's experience we want to increase the response rate to the Friends and Family Test. If you are asked to complete a Friends and Family questionnaire please complete it and tell us how we can improve services for you and all our patients. 

Further information 

Download the Friends and Family Information leaflet
Download the Friends and Family Maternity Information leaflet
Download the Easy Read version of the leaflet

Our results 

Following an NHS England review of FFT, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been replaced by a new scoring system based on the percentage of patients who would recommended the ward/service and percentage of patients who would not recommended the ward/service. It is anticipated that this will be a more comprehensive method for measuring patient satisfaction.


Friends and Family Test Results for Inpatients and Daycase
  Response Rate % Recommended % Not Recommended
March 2018 36.4% 95.8% 0.82%
February 2018 31.0% 95.8% 1.12%
January 2018 33.4% 96.1% 0.82%
December 2017 39.3% 96.4% 0.83%
November 2017 43.6% 96.5% 0.56%
October 2017 46.2% 96.6% 0.51%
September 2017 42.0% 96.01% 0.82%
August 2017 46.80% 96.05% 0.66%
July 2017     48.20% 95.85% 0.57%
June 2017     41.80% 95.63% 1.34%
May 2017 40.10% 95.42% 1.00%
April 2017 45.00% 95.69% 0.89%


Friends and Family Test Results for the Emergency Department
  Response Rate % Recommended % Not Recommended
March 2018 9.1% 90.4% 0.61%
February 2018 8.4% 94.7% 0.86%
January 2018 9.4% 90.4% 0.78%
December 2017 10.2% 82.6% 1.13%
November 2017 14.1% 88.8% 1.34%
October 2017 15.4% 93.0% 0.80%
September 2017   20.90% 94.63% 0.87%
August 2017     21.70% 94.79% 0.71%
July 2017     19.30% 95.00% 0.71%
June 2017 24.83% 93.75% 1.03%
May 2017 19.10% 89.29% 1.02%
April 2017 23.90% 91.56% 1.10%


For our Maternity Friends and Family Test results please click here »

Response rate is the percentage of eligible patients who answered our Friends and Family Test. For further information about how our FFT rating is calculated and other frequently asked questions please visit the NHS England website

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Did you know that you can complete your FFT online? The feedback you provide is invaluable in helping us to improve our services.