Great Expectations Antenatal Programme

Antenatal classes are offered to all pregnant women and a partner, friend or supporter of choice. The antenatal programme is delivered in partnership with your local children’s centre. Parents to be can book on form or go to Eventbrite and choose venue to attend. 

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Within the Plymouth and Cornwall area the ‘Great Expectations’ antenatal programme is offered. This is a four week course consisting of 1 x two-hour session per week, which aims to provide parents-to-be/ with useful information and practical skills, to help them feel more comfortable about making choices for their new arrival, whether it is their first baby or not.


The course includes:

· A healthy pregnancy
· Changes to relationships
· Preparation for birth
· Birth assistance
· Bonding with baby
· Parental support

For families away from Plymouth or Cornwall an alternative antenatal programme will be offered that encompasses all of the above. Please complete the booking form and we will direct it to the appropriate team.

Plymouth Latch-on: See Plymouth Latch On for new breastfeeding mums 

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Maternity Line

The Maternity Line number is 01752 430200.

The Maternity Line is for all calls related to pregnancy from 20 weeks gestation, labour and newborn babies.

Before 20 weeks gestation the GP should be contacted

If it is an emergency, 999 should be called.