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A ‘bloomin’ thank you’ from local artist

artist with 'bloomin thank you' artwork

Team with 'bloomin thank you' artwork and artist

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP) and Livewell Southwest have worked together in countless different ways to deliver healthcare to people in the Plymouth area, but their relationship has never been expressed in art - until now. Ian Hick, an artist from Saltash in Cornwall, has created a new painting that does just that.

Ian drew his inspiration from a conversation with his wife, Becky, who has been working as a Covid vaccinator since December 2020. Becky wanted Ian to create a piece of art that showed the fantastic collaboration between UHP and Livewell during Covid, which led to the creation of ‘Bloomin’ Thank You’.

“I love painting and have really enjoyed giving something back. It was a real honour to be asked to share my art,” said Ian.

Artwork 'bloomin thank you' The painting, done in acrylics, represents UHP and Livewell coming together to deliver Covid vaccinations and incorporates colours from the two organisations’ logos. It shows a figure bowed in thanks, covered in branches and blooms which indicate the strength, resilience and beauty within each person involved with the vaccinations.

The diversity and multi-cultural impact of the vaccination programme is shown through the word ‘thank you’ written in different languages as well as the multi-coloured seeds. Ian wants the painting to show that we can all be safe, grow and bloom once more.

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