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“Collaborative research, like this, is the absolute gold standard”

“For busy people to take the time, like this, to get together and share ideas, and to collaborate on research … that’s the absolute gold standard,” said Roy Lilley, speaking at last month’s Research, Development and Innovation conference.

Corinna Mossop, Adrian Taylor, Roy Lilley, Phil Hughes, Gary Minto and Richard Crompton On Friday 15 June, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust hosted its sixth research conference, showcasing some of the Trust’s current research and innovative ideas, as well as recent achievements. The key note speech was delivered by Roy, a founding member of the NHS Trust Federation, and founder of the Academy of Fabulous Stuff.

Addressing healthcare professionals and academic researchers in the audience, he said: “What you do is so very important. What you do will inform and improve the NHS in the years to come. We know that changing what we do is based largely on research. Your presence is felt in the bedside, the clinics, and ultimately the care that patients receive.”

University Hospitals Plymouth has a well established reputation for high quality research and development and a strong record of participation in commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. Earlier this year, University Hospitals Plymouth became the first in the UK to join TriNetX, a global health research network, which helps to bring new therapies to patients, by providing access to the earliest and most innovative clinical trials being conducted, both at home and abroad.

Dr Gary Minto, Associate Director of Research, Development and Innovation at University Hospitals Plymouth, who is also a Consultant Anaesthetist at Derriford Hospital, gave a talk at the conference.

He said: “These are exciting times. Our close working relationship with the University of Plymouth and its faculties of Medicine and Dentistry and Health and Human Sciences, as well as our partnership with Livewell Southwest, is opening many doors for collaboration.

The RDI team at the Yealmpton show“Research is everybody’s business. It is about all of us finding ways to perform every day clinical care better, focusing on outcome rather than process, systematically measuring the results of what we do and learning from them. There is already a transfer of insights from the ‘bench to bedside’, fostering an upwards spiral of excellence in which all of us, clinicians, nurses and patients, can share.”

The Research, Development and Innovation team have been out promoting health research and engaging with the local population at the Yealmpton agricultural show today.


“Our vision is to offer the South West the opportunity to be involved in top class research, aimed at achieving best health,” added Gary.

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