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CQC highlight improvement in Pharmacy at Derriford Hospital

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CQC inspectors have noted that progress has been made in pharmacy at Derriford Hospital, as part of their follow-up inspection report.

Inspectors were satisfied that although further improvement work is needed in pharmacy, progress has been made and issues that were identified in the original inspection had and would continue to be addressed.

A team of CQC inspectors visited the trust in December 2018 to conduct a short notice follow-up inspection. This inspection focused solely on the improvements that were required by the two warning notices issued last August - for pharmacy and diagnostic imaging.

The CQC “recognised the trust was making some progress and that a cultural shift would take time, which was relevant to both areas inspected.”

But while the inspectors acknowledged that progress is being made in pharmacy, they found insufficient progress had been made in addressing the concerns for diagnostic imaging services. The trust therefore needs to demonstrate improvement against the seven-day internal target for the imaging of patients suspected of having cancer in CT, MRI or ultrasound and in the culture of the department so staff satisfaction improves, and staff feel confident and able to speak up.

Ann James, Chief Executive, said: “Staff in both pharmacy and diagnostic imaging have been working really hard to make the required improvements and it is good to see the inspectors recognised the progress that has been made, particularly in pharmacy.

“Some of the changes needed relate to capacity and culture and these take time, because they depend on recruiting new staff, implementing new ways of working and changing attitudes and behaviours.

“We will continue to work on these things until we can demonstrate that the concerns around diagnostic imaging no longer apply. On a positive note, it has been very pleasing to see that since the inspection in December, the Trust has made a significant and sustained improvement in performance against the seven-day internal target.”

A copy of the full report will be available on the CQC website from 09.00 Thursday 20 February.


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