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End PJ Paralysis 70 day challenge

From 17 April 2018, University Hospitals Plymouth is taking part in a 70 day challenge to help end Pyjama Paralysis.

The national campaign, led by Professor Brian Dolan aims to get one million patients dressed in their own clothes and up and moving over 70 days.

Increased activity whilst staying in hospital can help recovery, reduce muscle wastage, maintain independence and lead to patients getting home sooner.

“Patients wearing their own clothes in hospital enhances their dignity, safety and retains their sense of identity and when something works well for patients it works for staff too,” said Professor Dolan. 

“Encouraging patients to get dressed everyday rather than remaining in their pyjamas or hospital gown when they do not need to boosts recovery and makes the most of precious time so it can be better spent with loved ones.”

We are asking relatives, family and friends to help us #endPJparalysis by encouraging loved ones in hospital to get up and get moving as soon as they’re able to and ensuring they have the following items with them:

  • well-fitting footwear
  • day clothing
  • night clothing
  • glasses and/or hearing aids
  • walking aid
  • toiletries


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