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Inpatient care rated in national survey

A national survey published today has revealed how patients’ rate their care at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, during time they spent in hospital.

The independent survey, undertaken by Quality Health and standardised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), asked adult patients who were discharged from University Hospitals Plymouth during July 2017 after having spent at least one night in hospital, to rate various aspects of their stay and care.

The results are intended for use by the CQC to monitor and regulate quality of care, as well as by NHS trusts to help improve patient experience.

University Hospitals Plymouth’s results showed an improvement in the overall rating of food served to inpatients, particularly in terms of the choice on offer. This clearly demonstrates the positive impact that our ongoing campaign #MakingMealtimesMatter has had in improving patient experience.

“Good nutrition and hydration is essential to assist the recovery process of our patients,” explains Greg Dix, Chief Nurse. “Through our campaign, which has been running since 2015, we have been encouraging patient mealtimes to be protected and valued. This has been proving to have a positive impact on our patients and their experience.”

Furthermore, a high proportion of patients reported feeling treated with dignity and respect, and that they were well looked after, particularly by support staff such as housekeepers, cleaners, porters and administrators.

Overall, the Trust scores remained mainly the same in comparison to 2016 or had a small variance in points. There were, however, a small number of areas where the Trust’s score had gone down from the previous year’s survey. They include:

  • Noise at night from staff
  • Noise at night from patients
  • Number of nurses on duty to provide care
  • Cleanliness of the room or ward
  • Privacy while being treated in the Emergency Department

“It’s really important for us to capture feedback from our patients and their relatives, not only for us to know what we are doing well, but also to help identify areas for us to work on”, said Greg.

“We are, as always, looking to recruit more nurses and are seeking to fill as many posts as possible. This will certainly help with patients feeling that there are the right number of nurses on duty to look after them.

“Work has already started to assess the levels of disturbance on our wards at night, and our Acute Care Team will continue to focus attention on raising awareness and emphasising the need to provide a quiet and peaceful environment for our patients at night.

“Last year Derriford Hospital achieved its highest ever scores in the Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE), which looks at areas including patient privacy and cleanliness. We are always working to maintain high standards for our patients, and constantly seeking to improve areas such as these wherever possible.”

A total of 1250 patients discharged by University Hospitals Plymouth were surveyed. There was a 49% response rate, above the national average of 41%.

The National Inpatient Survey 2017 involved 148 NHS acute trusts in England and in total, 72,778 responses were received from service users.

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