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Patients vote Renal and Transplant Unit as fourth best in the country

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust’s Renal and Transplant Unit has been placed fourth best in the country for ‘Overall Patient Experience’ as part of a national patient survey.

The Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) is a joint survey conducted by Kidney Care UK and the UK Renal Registry, the main authorities in renal and transplant care. Altogether, a total 11,027 patients were surveyed, representing 56 adult renal centres in England and Wales.

The Overall Patient Experience’ category focuses on questions associated with the level of access patients have to their unit’s team, the support they’re offered, communication throughout their care, patient information and education, as well as privacy and dignity and the environment of the unit.


The survey provides a strong voice for patients to share what is important to them, and their thoughts on the care they receive.

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Professor Wai Tse, Consultant Nephrologist and Service Line Lead, said: “We are humbled that our patients have rated our unit very highly, demonstrating the strong partnerships we have built between the Renal Team and our patients.

“Our success comes from our hardworking, committed staff who work across different areas and the visible leadership in those teams. We have doctors, matrons and ward sisters, the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Team, Transplant Team and the Dialysis Team all pulling together towards our strategy.”

Ceri Gardner, CKD Nurse Specialist at the Trust, also felt the information and support on offer to patients at the unit was a big influence in the survey results. “From networking with other CKD units around the country, I know we do a great deal in educating patients, including health promotion and empowering them to make decisions.

“We’re very hot on patient choice and use patient decision aids in facilitating treatment options for renal replacement. We encourage participation in active patient groups, such as the British Patient Kidney Association and the League of Friends, alongside other local and national patient support groups to help facilitate the care we provide.”

The report also outlined another success for the unit - patients are more likely to get a renal transplant here than anywhere else in the country.

“Out of the other 21 transplant units included in the report, our unit came top overall for patient experience and our transplant unit offers the shortest wait in the country for access to a renal transplant,” added Professor Tse, “This is a fantastic outcome and all of the findings from this report will be shared in our Patients’ Forum as we plan to continue our improvement.”


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