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Why get involved in clinical trials? Read Michael’s story

Parkinson’s does not define Michael Broad – he’s been a keen photographer, climber and cyclist, and has enrolled in many online courses to improve his knowledge of the condition. And since being diagnosed in 2013 he has taken part in a number of clinical trials to help find ways of alleviating symptoms and slowing progression of Parkinson’s, most recently PD-STAT led by the University of Plymouth.

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New ultrasound machine will cut waiting times thanks to the Primrose Foundation

The Primrose Foundation have funded a new, state of the art, ultrasound machine at Derriford Hospital, thanks to the incredible fund raising efforts of its supporters. The machine, costing over £50,000, will help to reduce waiting times at the Primrose Breast Care Centre by enabling more patients to be scanned in a shorter time frame.

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