Derriford User Groups

Image of drawing from DUG member Derriford Users Group (DUG) has been meeting for over three years. The group was set up after reviewing the results of a mystery shopping visit by Plymouth People First ,which highlighted the positive input that people with a Learning Disability could have on services.

There are over 12 people now with a Learning Disability who attend meetings every two months,with members from Plymouth and Cornwall along with hospital liaison nurses, support and advocacy staff.

Together this group help to shape, influence and improve services for people with a Learning Disability.

If there is something that you would like the Derriford User Group to look into something please click here to email the Learning Disability Team.


DUG Minutes for August 2018  DUG Minutes: October 2018

DUG Minutes: December 2018  DUG Minutes February 2019

DUG Minutes April 2019  DUG Minutes: June 2019

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