Our Anaesthetists


Dr Dave Adams
Dr Lorraine Alderson
Dr Helen Anderson
Dr Gilly Ansell
Dr Steve Boumphrey
Dr Steve Bree
Dr Andy Burgess
Dr Alison Carr
Dr Kim Chisti
Dr Iain Christie
Dr Jonathan Coghill
Dr Simon Courtman
Dr Anthony Davies
Dr Peter Davies
Dr Lorenzo Dimpel
Dr Elizabeth Drake
Dr Justine Elliot
Dr Paul Erasmus
Dr Scott Ferguson
Dr Sarah Ford
Dr Tom Gale
Dr Peter Glew
Dr Karen Grimsehl
Dr Matt Hill
Dr Kate Holmes
Dr Laurence Hulatt
Dr Andrew Hutton
Dr Hiu Lam
Dr Jeremy Langton
Dr Susan Loxdale
Dr Francis Luscombe
Dr Simon Martin
Dr Gary Minto
Dr Paul Moor
Dr Matt Oldman
Dr Giles Nordmann
Dr Duncan Parkhouse
Dr Andrew Porter
Dr Sarah Rawlinson
Dr Mark Rockett
Dr Andrew Rushton
Dr Chris Seavell
Dr Paul Sice
Dr Rob Sneyd
Dr Richard Struthers
Dr Chris Sweeting
Dr Mark Taylor
Dr Leslie Thomson
Dr Daryl Thorp-Jones
Dr Robert Tonko
Dr Ruth Treadgold
Dr David Viira
Dr Cath Ward
Dr Matt Ward
Dr Gavin Werret
Dr Tim Wilson
Dr Sarah Wimlett
Dr Tom Woolley
Dr Sophia Wrigley
Dr Paul Youngs

Associate Specialists & Specialty Doctors

Dr Julie Baker
Dr Lalit Hamal
Dr Chris Huish
Dr Dawn Jeffery
Dr Jane Kehoe
Dr Rachel Perry
Dr Atanas Petrov
Dr Helga Rohwer
Dr Rob Rowland
Dr Geoff Smith

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Was this page helpful?

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