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Our Organisation 

Photo of staff celebrating the 25th birthday of Derriford Hospital

Plymouth Hospitals is the largest hospital trust in the south west peninsula and is a teaching trust in partnership with the Peninsula Medical School.  The Trust has an integrated Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit which has a staff of approximately 250 military personnel who work within a variety of posts from lead doctors to trainee medical assistants.

The Trust is developing rapidly as a centre for research in partnership with the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and Plymouth and Exeter Universities. We received one of the first National Institute of Health Research grants in the south west and our staff are an active part of one of the first clinical trials units to be registered by the UK Clinical Research Networks. We are also a successful partner in the designated Peninsula Collaboration in Applied Health Research and Care (PenCLARHC).

Plymouth Hospitals provides comprehensive secondary and tertiary healthcare to people in the South West Peninsula. We also we provide comprehensive training and education for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Who we Care for
We offer a full range of general hospital services to around 450,000 people in Plymouth, North and East Cornwall and South and West Devon. These include emergency and trauma services, maternity services, paediatrics and a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical sub-specialties.

We work within a network of other hospitals to offer a range of specialist services. These are provided to a population of between 700,000 and two million depending on the type of care needed:

• Kidney transplant
• Pancreatic cancer surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Cardiothoracic surgery
• Bone marrow transplant
• Hepatobiliary surgery
• Neonatal intensive care and high risk obstetrics
• Plastic surgery
• Liver transplant evaluation
• Stereotactic Radiosurgery

In autumn 2008, the Plymouth health community took a decision to transfer Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services from Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust to NHS Plymouth. These services fit more cohesively and logically with other mental health services provided by NHS Plymouth. 

Where we Provide Care
We provide services for patients at the following main sites as well as through clinics provided at other local hospitals and care centres:

Derriford Hospital
More than 48,000 people pass through the main entrance of Derriford in a week. The hospital has more than 900 beds and 1,000 public car parking spaces. Derriford Hospital is the second largest bus terminal in Plymouth, beaten to first place only by Plymouth central bus station.

Plymouth Dialysis Unit
This purpose built unit opened in August 2011 and provides outpatient haemodialysis, education and dialysis training to patients with advanced renal failure who are living in Plymouth, East Cornwall, North and South Devon. It also offer holiday haemodialysis to visitors to the south west.

Child Development Centre
Developmental services for young children are provided at the Child Development Centre, Scott Business Park with close partnership working between Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, primary care and Plymouth City Council.

Radiology Academy
The Trust provides radiology training in a purpose built facility.

The Trust also provides community midwifery services in Plymouth.

Our Values
After consulting with our staff, we agreed the following values in April 2007.  These are the principles that underpin everything we do and should be reflected in our decision-making behaviour.  We will:

  • Put patients first
  • Take ownership
  • Respect others
  • Be positive
  • Listening, learning, improving

Our vision

We aspire to be led by patients’ needs and our goal is to become one of the country’s leading specialist centres delivering excellent care, teaching, training and research.

More specifically:
• We will be highly rated by our patients, as shown by their feedback on the care we provide.
• We will constantly improve our services, guided by what our patients tell us, responding quickly to problems and fixing underlying causes.
• Collaborating with partners in the region. The Trust will lead in responding to the changing health and wellbeing needs of patients, recognised by commissioners for innovation in new services and models of care.
• Highly engaged, clinically led teams at all levels will be focused on our core purpose of caring better for our patients.
• We will become a preferred employer for talented, inspiring and caring people from Plymouth and beyond, providing fulfilling careers to all our staff who can achieve their ambitions at our Trust.
• We will work in collaboration with partners to continually identify, develop and provide the emerging and specialist services which our population requires.
• Through strong relationships with Plymouth University and the South West Peninsula Academic Health Science Network, the Trust will be recognised as an academic hub and a leading centre for innovation and research with an international reputation.
• We will be at the heart of an entrepreneurial healthcare hub for the city, providing high value employment, wealth and opportunity to our communities.






Leading with excellence, caring with compassion