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Car parking improvements to start at Derriford Hospital 

Car Parking

In January 2013, improvements will start to happen as work begins on the multi-storey car park. During this time the Trust will work in partnership with the new contractor to maintain services for our staff, patients and members of the public, whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

Nick Thomas, Director of Planing and Site Services said: “Car parking is a fundamental part of the patient and public’s care pathway. It provides the first impression of Derriford Hospital and can often be the first experience of the care they will receive on the NHS.

“In order to achieve this there will be some necessary changes required to the current parking arrangements for staff, patients and the public while the work is completed.”
The multi-storey car park will create a secure car park, with better lighting and improve the parking experience for patients and visitors. The construction of the multi storey car park will ensure that there will be no net loss of public parking spaces when Wharfside begin development of the North West Quadrant.

While the hospital will remain open and fully operational throughout construction, car park E will be closed for construction activity. New pedestrian and traffic routes as well as new temporary parking options will be implemented throughout the construction of the new multi-storey car park.

Vinci will manage the new multi storey car park along with the other car parks at Derriford Hospital and the car parking tariff will be the same across the whole site.

Published: 14 January 2013

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