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News From Around The Trust 

Image of the app on a phone
Antibiotics app brings everything together
20 November 2014
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has introduced a free-to-use app, which acts as a quick guide for staff who have responsibility for prescribing antibiotics.
Image of members of the infection prevention and control team
Raising awareness of the correct use of antibiotics
20 November 2014
Members of our Infection Prevention and Control Team have designed a display board in Derriford Hospital to highlight to colleagues, patients and members of the public the importance and correct use of antibiotics.
Image of baby David
Neonatal Unit mark World Prematurity Day with families
18 November 2014
Yesterday (Monday 17 November), mums, dads, babies and children joined staff from our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to mark World Prematurity Day.
Image of Gina, Dan and Frankie
Plymouth baby Frankie is first for life-changing surgery
17 November 2014
Sat with her doting parents and smiling at the camera, eleven week old baby Frankie Lavis, is still totally unaware of the revolutionary operation she had before she was even born.
Image of Brent Ward staff
Plymouth Hospitals Cancer Services embrace ‘Hello My Name is…’
17 November 2014
The ‘Hello My Name is…’ campaign has arrived at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, as part of a Trust-wide initiative to remind staff of the importance of clear communication in the delivery of quality care.
World Diabetes Day
Staff run education stand to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day
14 November 2014
Today, specialist nurses from the Diabetes Centre at Derriford Hospital, have been raising awareness for World Diabetes Day, by running an education stand to raise the profile of the condition and offer advice on prevention and early detection.
Image of baby Ollie in our neonatal intensive care unit
Neonatal unit to celebrate World Prematurity Day with families
14 November 2014
Next week mums, dads, babies and children will be joining staff from our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to celebrate World Prematurity Day.
Tea with Matron
Patients share their experience over a cuppa
13 November 2014
On Friday 7 November, our first ‘Tea with Matron’ took place, which had a Remembrance theme in honour of the First World War Centenary.
Mouth Cancer Awareness Month
Mouth Cancer Awareness Month
12 November 2014
Mouth Cancer Awareness Month happens in November every year and aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer by educating the public of the risk factors, signs and symptoms and the importance of early detection.
Image of flu campaign logo
Lead infection control nurse BUSTS latest flu myth
12 November 2014
In our latest Flu Fighters video, Lead Infection Control Nurse, Claire Haill, from our Infection Prevention and Control Team, has dispelled the myth that flu can be treated with antibiotics.
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