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English, Dr P 

Dr P English

Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology, General and Acute Medicine

General areas of expertise:
Patrick English, MD, MRCP, graduated from Bristol University.  He continued medical training in Derby, Queensland, the Southwest and Liverpool where he held the post of Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Liverpool conducting research into the pathophysiology of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Dr English works as part of the diabetes and endocrine team at Derriford Hospital providing both a general diabetes and endocrine outpatient service.

He is also an Honorary University Fellow at the Peninsula Medical School.

Particular areas of expertise:
A general diabetologist and endocrinologist Dr English has sub-specialty interests in:
- The management of obesity.  Dr English works closely with the community weight management clinic and has established links with those providing bariatric surgery. 
- The diabetic foot; Dr English runs a multidisciplinary foot clinic.


Contact details:
Level 9, Derriford Hospital
Derriford Road
PL6 8DH 

Secretary 01752 439810 

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