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  3. Haematology Outpatient Services
  4. Oncology Unit
  5. Oncology Outpatient Department
  6. Chemotherapy Outreach
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Derriford Hospital provides a complete and comprehensive cancer service for patients of all ages, throughout their cancer journey.


Sometimes an operation to remove the cancer might be the only treatment you need. But very often treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy are used along with surgery. The operation you have will depend on the type of cancer you have and other factors like where it is and its size.

Surgery isn’t only used to remove cancers. For example you may have a minor operation to take a biopsy, which is when a sample of tissue is removed or having a central line put in, which is then used to give chemotherapy treatment.

The thought of having any type of operation can be a bit scary. But knowing a bit more about what to expect can help you feel more prepared.

Clinical Haematology Unit
Bracken Ward on the 8th floor of Derriford Hospital has 10 inpatient beds all of which are private rooms, one is especially designed for your age group, these rooms include un- suite facilities, smart TV’s, X box Kinect, a common room and a private quite room for patients, visitors and staff.

This unit caters for patients with diseases of the blood, both malignant and non malignant and provides comprehensive diagnostic services and continuing management to these patients. 

This includes:
Autologous and Allogeneic Stem cell Transplants
Intensive Chemotherapy and management of the side effects of chemotherapy
Haemophilia and complex bleeding disorders
Symptom Control
Treatment of Infection
Specialist Palliative Care
End of Life care

Derriford Hospital covers a wide geographical area and patients travel from our partnership hospitals throughout the southwest to receive specialist care such as Stem Cell transplants from both sibling and volunteer donors.

The stem cell transplant unit has full accreditation from JACIE.

Haematology Outpatient Services
The department located on the 10th floor at present in Derriford Hospitals main tower block offers:

Clinical assessment service following in patient stay and in emergency situations
Administration of chemotherapy and supportive agents on a daily basis
Peripheral blood stem cell harvest by Apheresis (fully accredited by JACIE and the human Tissue Authority)
General Haematology Service
Anticoagulation Service
Suspected Cancer Service
Intrathecal Chemotherapy

We have an active Haematology Research Trials unit with a wide portfolio of clinical trials for malignant and non-malignant Haematology disease.

Clinical Oncology Unit 
Brent Ward on the 8th floor of Derriford Hospital has inpatient beds, which include 7 side rooms.

This unit caters for patients with solid malignant tumours, and provides comprehensive diagnostic services and continuing management to these patients this includes:
Prostate Brachytherapy
Radioactive iodine treatments
Symptom control
Specialist Palliative Care
End of Life Care

Macmillan Cancer Support has provided an information pod with leaflets, resources and a PC, you may access this at any time whilst an inpatient.

Oncology Outpatient Department
Outpatients is situated on Level 2 of the Hospital. 

Chemotherapy Outreach
Chemotherapy Outreach Project provides cancer care in the community and enables patients in more rural areas to receive treatment for cancer closer to home. Currently, this means that many patients can receive their chemotherapy, cancer information and support at local community hospitals in Tavistock, Kingsbridge and Liskeard, preventing a long journey to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.
You can find out more about Chemotherapy Outreach here »

Radiotherapy is the controlled targeting of radiation (beams of energy) at cancer cells. The purpose of radiotherapy is to destroy cancer cells whilst protecting as much normal tissue as possible. Radiotherapy is situated in The Oncology Out-Patient Department on Level 2 of the hospital.

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