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Image of a gamma camera in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine at Derriford is the largest such department in the South West, with tertiary referrals from across the Peninsula.

It has 4 gamma cameras (including SPECT/CT), a MHRA-licensed radiopharmacy and dedicated medical and physics support. The full range of diagnostic procedures (imaging and non-imaging) is offered, together with thyroid clinics. There is shared access to a single treatment room on Brent ward for an increasing range of radioisotope treatments.

The department provides administrative and medical support to the national PET/CT contract (2 scanning days per week) and medical support to thyroid clinics in Truro. We also support a wide range of research trials.

Predominantly outpatient-based. Open weekdays 9 am-6.30 pm. Continuous medical cover for ad-hoc reporting and advice.

Contact details
For scan appointments: 01752 245159 (internal extension 52275)
For thyroid clinic appointments and follow-up queries: 01752 432515 (internal extension 32515)
For medical advice: (01752) 432515 (internal extension 32515) or email the consultants
For radiation protection advice: 01752 792281 (internal extension 52281) or email the medical physicists
Fax – 01752 517587





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