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The dermatology department at Derriford Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient dermatology care. The dermatology department provides diagnosis and treatment of  all skin diseases for adults and children. The doctors, nursing, medical physics and administrative staff liaise closely to provide an efficient quality service to dermatology patients.

The Dermatology Department is located on Lyd Ward, level 5, zone B at Derriford Hospital.

Our philosophy

All the staff within the specialty work closely together, to deliver effective quality care to dermatology patients. The team are all well aware of the need to take a holistic approach to our delivery of care, which means that they focus not only on the physical factors of the dermatology conditions, but also the psychological and social factors that also play a major part. At all times staff ensure the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of patients, families and carers that come into contact with our service.


Our services are primarily delivered at Derriford Hospital and include:
• Consultant dermatologist outpatient clinics
• Out patient skin cancer screening clinics, (held in parallel with the plastic surgery team) and day surgery for skin cancers
• Consultant dermatologist paediatric clinics (held in “childrens’ day beds”), on level 12, Derriford Hospital.
• The doctors work closely with the plastic surgery team particularly in the management of skin cancers. There is a weekly skin cancer multidisciplinary team meeting when individual patients’ skin cancers and their management are discussed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, an oncologist, and a histopathologist. 
• Dermatology day treatment unit facilities which focus on the educational support of chronic dermatology conditions for patients and families; Examples of the type of services delivered from this unit include; Nurse Led Children’s Eczema Clinics. Ultraviolet light therapy (delivered by medical physics and trained nurses). Patch testing (delivered jointly by the nurses and the consultant dermatologists). Inpatient and outpatient support of patients with conditions such as troublesome eczema and psoriasis. Nurse support monitoring clinics for patients taking certain systemic dermatology drugs. Nurse led specialist wound care management, which incorporates holistic assessment, investigation techniques including, doppler ultrasound and comprehensive management plans utilising current dressing and bandaging techniques.

The Team

The medical team
This consists of consultant dermatologists, who work with the support of a part time associate specialist, a part time clinical assistant, and 2 junior doctors (one specialist registrar and one F2 doctor).

Consultant Dermatologists are doctors who have obtained postgraduate qualifications in medicine (MRCP) and have subsequently spent several years training in dermatology and acquiring recognition as specialists on the General Medical Council register. They deal with all aspects of diseases of the skin, scalp and nails. With the support of the other members of the dermatology team they deliver a comprehensive dermatology service for patients.

The nursing team
The Dermatology Treatment Unit based in the outpatient department at Derriford Hospital, provides dermatology care to patients, familities and carers. The unit is staffed by six registered nurses, who specialise in the delivery of dermatology care.

The Medical Physics team
The medical physics technicians deliver ultraviolet light therapy together with the nursing staff. The ultraviolet treatment equipment is located in the dermatology treatment unit.

The administration support
Three dermatology consultant medical secretaries are co- located in the treatment unit, working closely with and supporting the medical and nursing staff. The treatment unit also has a receptionist, who assists with the co-ordination of patients within the treatment unit. There are two appointment clerks for dermatology, who book and arrange notes for the Dermatology outpatient clinics.

Useful Resources

British Association of Dermatologists - www.bad.org.uk
British Skin Foundation - www.britishskinfoundation.org.uk
Acne Support Group - www.stopspots.org/
National Psoriasis Foundation - www.psoriasis.org/
National Eczema Socity - www.eczema.org/


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