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Parking at Derriford Hospital 

From Monday 8 February 2016, Plymouth City Council’s upgrade work to the bus interchange outside the main entrance of Derriford Hospital will begin, which will last for approximately nine months. Accordingly, access to the road outside of the main entrance will be restricted to buses, ambulance and blue light vehicles. To find out how this will affect drop-off locations and car parking, click here.

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Patient and Visitor Parking
There are a number of car parks for patients and visitors on the Derriford Hospital site. Parking charges apply 24 hours a day.

Pay and display: Some of our car parks are pay and display and require you to purchase a ticket from the machine located in the car park at the time that you park.

Pay on exit: We also have pay on exit car parks which you access through a barrier, collecting a token as you enter the car park. If you use a pay on exit car park you will pay for your parking at the end of your visit. There are machines to pay for your parking in the car parks and also in the main entrance to the hospital on level 6 

Disabled parking: Free parking for blue badge holders is only available in non barrier pay and display car parks, up to a maximum of 4 hours when parked in a marked disabled bay. The full charge is applicable in all other barrier controlled car parks.

On April 1 2014 new parking charges were introduced:

Length of stay

New from 1st April 2014

0 – 15 minutes


15 minutes – 1 hour


1 – 2 hours


2 – 3 hours


3 – 4 hours


4 – 5 hours


5 – 6 hours


Over 6 hours


In addition, a range of concessionary tickets will continue to be available as below:

  • All patients who are undergoing a course of treatment who are required to attend the hospital for at least 3 days in a week will be entitled to a day rate concession of £1.20 per day (frequent flyer).
  • Oncology patients attending for treatment £1.20 day rate

These concessions will not change from 1 April 2014.

Free Parking
The following groups will continue to be entitled to free parking:

  • Resident parents of children in hospital or parents whose babies are being cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Relatives of those patients who are critically ill. The critical care unit will contact the Parking Desk.
  • Relatives of patients being cared for on the End of Life Care Pathway.
  • Those who are visiting the bereavement office or collecting a death certificate.
  • Members of the public donating blood.

If you qualify under any of these groups, please go to the Parking Desk in main reception to obtain your special parking permit.

Discounts for frequent visitors
Discounts are available for a week or longer:

  • £24 for a 5 day ticket (2 days free parking)
  • £32 for a 7 day ticket (3 days free parking)
  • £96 for 1 month ticket (7 days free parking)

All concessionary tickets can be shared between different vehicles.

These frequent visitor permits will not change from 1 April 2014.

For more information on these concessions please ring 01752 432 000 or go to the Parking Desk in main reception.

Unexpected Stays
In addition to standard parking arrangements, if your stay is unexpectedly extended either due to clinics running late or unexpected admission to hospital, then please ask the ward/department to contact the parking office on 32000 giving your car details and which car park you are parked in.

Travel Expenses
Some patients in receipt of certain state benefits may be entitled to a refund of their parking costs and travel expenses. For further information please visit the Cashier’s Office on level 7 of Derriford Hospital or telephone 0845 155 8170.

What about other methods of transport?
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has a nationally renowned green travel plan and encourages the use of public transport among staff, patients and visitors, wherever possible. Derriford is served well by public transport, hosting the second busiest bus terminal in Plymouth with 44 buses per hour calling at peak times.
There is a public park and ride site located north of Derriford Hospital at the George junction (opposite the George Pub/Hotel). Parking is FREE, although you will need to purchase a ticket to travel on the bus. This is ideal for patients and visitors including disabled badge holders travelling from the north of the City to Derriford Hospital. For the latest information, including timetables and ticket prices, about the George Park and Ride visit the Plymouth City Council website.

Drop-off bays
Drop-off and collection bays are available around the hospital entrances.

Parking at Scott Hospital, Child Development Centre
There are a limited number of parking spaces allocated to the Plymouth Child Development Centre, some of which are specifically marked for parent and child and disabled patients.  There is also unrestricted “on road” parking available just outside the Business Park.

Parking at Plymouth Dialysis Unit
There are a limited number of free parking spaces at the Plymouth Dialysis Unit

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