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People First Programme

UHP was chosen as one of 7 NHS Trusts to take part in the National NHS Improvement Programme, the aim of which is to create a culture of continuous improvement by empowering staff to develop their own improvement ideas and lead on their own projects.

The People First Programme has 3 core principles;

  • Respect for Staff- aiming to make time at work rewarding
  • Seeking VALUE in the eyes of those we care for- what is important to them
  • Helping teams to lead their own improvement practice based on things that matter most to them

It is a programme aimed at CULTURAL CHANGE with PEOPLE & IMPROVEMENT at its heart

Rapid Changeover of patients in Theatre 8 (OG)

As a patient in theatre I am expected to have my surgery done on the day as planned and not get cancelled, as this will add to my stress and anxiety. As a member of the Theatre team, we want to treat all patients on the list through a stress free day in theatre, maintaining efficiency and finishing

Multi creation of professional therapy plan document for patients on stroke pathway

Lack of therapy plan awareness and consistency for wide team

Heart Failure Input to the Hot Floor

Patients with primary or secondary diagnosis of Heart Failure, Chest Pain or Atrial Fibrillation have a 70% conversion rate to admission.

People 1st Plymouth

People 1st Plymouth is a cultural change programme with people and improvement at its heart.

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