Coming to Children's Theatres

illustration of a surgeon in scrubs Most children having an operation have a general anaesthetic. This means that they are unconscious (asleep) and cannot feel, hear or see anything.

Specialist doctors called anaesthetists look after you and are with you all the time you are asleep. You will meet your anaesthetist before the operation and can ask them any questions. They will also make sure that you are comfortable after your operation or test.

Before your operation you will also meet nurses and your surgeon.

It is important that you do not have any food or drink in your stomach (tummy) before a general anaesthetic (going to sleep.)

What to bring:

  • Any medicines/inhalers
  • Loose fitting cotton clothes or pyjamas
  • Favourite toy or comforter
  • An overnight bag (in case you need to stay)
  • Income support/family credit book if you need to claim travel costs

Please leave valuable items at home.

Coming to Children's Theatres Food and Drink

Coming to Children's Theatres - Food and Drink
  Food or Milk Drink
Morning operation coming in at 08.00am

No food after midnight.

Finish feeding breast milk by 06.00am, formula milk by 05.00am

Clear fluids up until 08.00am (water or squash)

No fizzy drinks

Afternoon operation coming in at 13.00pm

No food after 07.30am.

Finish feeding breast milk by 10.30am, formula milk by 09.30am

Clear fluids up until 12.30pm (water or squash)

No fizzy drinks

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