Pregnancy Advisory Centre (PAC)

Have an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what to do?  Whatever you decide we will give you the help and support you may need - please ring us on 01752 431124 for an appointment. 

Don’t think you are alone, many people find themselves in this situation every year so it is important that you seek advice as soon as you can.

Did you know you can refer yourself for an appointment for a termination?  If you choose this method please click on this link “Self Referral” attached, to see the questions you will be asked.  

Your Decision
Whatever decision you make, it's important to take action as early as possible to either begin maternity care if you are continuing with the pregnancy or to arrange for a termination.  You have 3 choices initially you can either; 

  1. Make an appointment to speak to our counsellor on 01752 431124.
  2. Self refer to us for a consultation on 01752 431124.
  3. Make an appointment with either your GP or Community Contraception and Sexual Health Service on 01752 431124 (formerly Family Planning) to be referred to PAC 

Confidential Counselling Service at the Pregnancy Advisory Centre (PAC)

This service is provided for the Pregnancy Advisory Centre by a professional counsellor. Unplanned pregnancies happen every day and each woman has the right to decide for herself how to deal with the situation.  You can make an appointment to discuss your situation and the choices that are available to you with our trained counsellor.  It may be helpful to address the emotions and thoughts that you are feeling before making any decision about a termination.  Our counsellor can also talk with you about the emotional processes that might follow the termination and what signs to watch out for indicating that further counselling may be of benefit to you.  Some time spent with the counsellor can also provide you with reassurance.  If you feel you need another appointment with our counsellor one can be made for you before you leave the department. 

PAC also offers a post termination counselling session for up to a year after your operation; you may arrange this by telephoning the PAC on the telephone number below. 

Women in Cornwall should contact the Cornwall Brook Advisory Centre. The phone number is 01209 710088. 

Your Decision

 If you decide to have a termination you will need to visit the Pregnancy Advisory Centre.  You will see four people there.

  1. The nurse from the Community Contraception and Sexual Health Service to discuss future contraception.
  2. The counsellor will offer support and counselling. Our counsellor is qualified with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  3. Another nurse will need to take a blood sample. This is required for any termination.
  4. A doctor who will take a medical history, perform an internal examination and take swabs to check for Chlamydia. This is a cause of pelvic infection. An internal ultrasound scan will also be performed to find out how far pregnant you are.  You will need to have an empty bladder for the scan.  It would be helpful if you also have to hand the date of your last menstrual period. You will be given a course of antibiotics by the doctor to take after the operation to reduce the risk of developing infection.  There are two methods of termination medical and surgical.  A medical termination can be performed up until 8 weeks and 6 days and a surgical can be performed up until 13 weeks and 6 days in Plymouth.  If you are further on in your pregnancy we can refer you elsewhere so please do not worry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I have to pay?

 A termination of pregnancy is generally free but there may be a charge if you are an overseas visitor.  If you are required to fund your own termination you can pay for this service by cash, cheque or credit card. 

How long will I have to wait?

This will vary depending on the demand on the service but we aim to see and treat you within 2 weeks. 

What if my doctor won't help?

If your own doctor is unsympathetic, or refuses to refer you for a termination on grounds of conscience, you can either refer yourself, see another GP at your practice or see someone at the Community Contraception and Sexual Health clinic (formerly Family Planning Clinic). 

What happens if I change my mind?

You can change your mind at any time but we would ask that you leave a message on our phone stating your intention so that an appointment can be given to someone else. 

Do I have to tell anyone?

You do not have to tell anyone but if you are under 16 it is advisable that you bring an adult with you.  After a surgical procedure you will need someone to stay with you for 24 hours.

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