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Image of Project SEARCH interns Sharon, Pharmacy Deputy Supply Manager

“Drawing on past experience, we have found that the traditional interview is not necessarily the best way for people with learning disabilities to show their true potential. Consequently, giving candidates practical tests is a good way of assessing skills which enables them to compete on a more equal basis. 

“We have employed a previous Project SEARCH intern who is doing really well and has proved that a disability is not necessarily a barrier to employment. His autism is in fact an advantage as attention to detail is very important when dealing with medicines.” 

An Intern’s parent
“A short while ago he would have rung me in a panic. That’s one of the best things it’s making him self sufficient.” 

Image of graduate internGemma, Support Manager

“Daniel’s positive attitude and enthusiasm is an inspiration to his colleagues who have come to rely on his skills and desperately miss him on his days off. Daniel is the second intern I have taken on as a paid staff member, he is a joy to work with and is a real asset to the department. 

"Project SEARCH interns have always proved to be dedicated and reliable staff and are committed to their tasks and make excellent employees.” 

Daniel Kerley, NHS Employee and Graduate Intern

“Project SEARCH has helped me by giving me a chance to work in the hospital and show what I am capable of, it inspired me to get a job. When I was told I had got the job I could not stop smiling for days. 

"Project SEARCH has changed my life by changing who I am for the better. I am no longer a shy person who lacks confidence. 

"I am now a working man and that makes me really happy.” 

Matthew Eady, Serco Porter and Graduate Intern

“Project SEARCH definitely made me more independent and confident, I talk to people and am more organised than ever before. 

“I got a job with SERCO as a refuse porter in the hospital. My job means a lot to me as I am helping to keep the hospital clean and that is very important. 

“I am earning my own wage, before I was on benefits and that makes me proud.” 

Rebecca Dolton, Graduate Intern

“I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that I have really enjoyed being in this course from day one. I’m really proud of what I have achieved since joining Project Search. If it weren’t for all the staff’s fantastic support, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.” 

Image of Project SEARCH graduate Michael Humphries, NHS Employee and Graduate Intern

“When they told me I had got the job I actually felt surprised and a bit shocked, it was a really good feeling. Project SEARCH is different to school or college because you get to do the real job actually in the hospital. That’s good because I like to learn in the work place and I get to do tasks and show I am as good as anyone else.” 

Mrs Humphries, Intern’s parent.

“Project SEARCH has been instrumental in him becoming so independent; friends and family have really noticed a big change in him for the good. The confidence it has given him has benefited him so many ways.” 

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