Project Summaries

Multi creation of professional therapy plan document for patients on stroke pathway

What problem are you setting out to solve?

Lack of therapy plan awareness and consistency for wide team


How do you intend to solve this?

  1. Create clear therapy plan document
  2. Ensure plan is consistent and in an accessible place
  3. Ensure extended team are aware of the location of the plan


What are you doing to improve this and how are you tracking progress? 

Create new therapy plan document

Small tests of change on document layout and location

Created new improvement huddle and use of PDSA



What difference has this made to patients? Please describe in relation to a patient journey

  1. Ensure therapy plan is available to whole, wider team
  2. Increased ownership and engagement
  3. Increases likelihood of “one version plan”
  4. Increases culture of therapy as whole team approach


What difference has this made to staff?

Engagement increase

Awareness increase

Consistent plan has increased professional confidence in patient care


Is this part of a wider programme of work? (i.e. e-Discharge Project)

Helps patients with rehab

Decreases time spent in bed


Who is involved in your improvement team? Please give roles

Craig Tucker – therapy lead for stroke and neuro-medicine, Merrivale Ward, and his team of dieticians, OTs, physio and speech and language practitioners.

Lin Nicholls – Quality improvement lead

team photo Team photo

Updated 07/01/2020

What is the current state? This should be backed up by data relating to the problem

The state prior to change was 0% staff asked (apart from therapist) knew patients therapy plan. Post change 100% knew their patients therapy plan.


Has there been any recent changes to the data, or significant steps taken to improve on the current process? Always ensure any changes in data are statistically significant and can be evidenced wherever possible


 What stage of the improvement cycle are you / the team currently in? I.e. are you still trying to understand the root cause of the problem, are you trying PDSA cycles or are you embedding change practice following a series of tests?

Completed but still PDSA as probably will move plan to end of bed when new folders arrive and will then also be patients and relative “inclusive”.


 What are your learning points?

To create a culture of therapy where a constant plan is communicated, you need a plan format which is simple and easy to locate and in a constant place.


What are your next steps?

Therapy “folder” at bed end



Lin Nicholls

Quality improvement Lead


Tel: 01752 437250


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