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Crockery Research Study

Derriford team seeks to improve patient nutrition through food presentation


A gastroenterologist and team of dieticians at Derriford Hospital are seeking to find out whether a patient’s appetite can be increased through the presentation of their food, in order to improve inpatient nutrition.

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Diabetes Research

It’s World Diabetes Week and UHP continue to support research studies aimed at helping to shape the future of the treatment of diabetes. In collaboration with local GP surgeries the Trust continues to explore new and licensed diabetes medications and their benefits for other medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, renal disease and liver disease. Diabetes is rapidly increasing but the research team is here to help produce evidence for better treatment and care.

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The PReM-ED Study

Dr Blair Graham, Lecturer in Urgent and Emergency Care has developed a multicentre study in collaboration with Dr Jason Smith, and Professor Jos Latour to assess the validity of a new patient experience survey.

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SIREN study - more staff needed for study

The SIREN study is a study that monitors the impact of detectable anti SARS-COV2 antibody on the incidence of COVID19 in healthcare workers. This national project is an Urgent Public Health study aimed at onsite hospital employees who are ideally patient facing, but also who may have contact with patients as they travel around the hospital.

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