Current Projects and Programmes

Here are some of the improvement projects we are currently supporting:

Medications to Take Home on Discharge from Hospital
The aim of the project is to work closely with our Pharmacy colleagues to reduce the dispensing process time from 6 hours to 2 hours to ensure patients who are fit to leave hospital have their medications they need as soon as possible. Work is being done to understand the cause of delays in Pharmacy. Once these have been identified and solved, the next steps will be working with wards to share good practice and learning.

Theatres Improvement Project
This project works closely alongside our colleagues across the Trust to ensure operations are in the right place, at the right time and without delays or disruptions. This project is broken down into 3 key areas of change:

  • Increase the number of patient operations per day
  • Reduce operations cancelled
  • Better planning of theatres in advance to avoid disruptions on the day of surgery 

Emergency Department (ED) Flow Improvement Project
We are supporting Nurses and Doctors to understand the delays that patients currently face within the Emergency Department. The aim is to reduce the amount of time that patients are in the department.  

MAU Project
There are three elements to this project:

  • Rapid Consultant Review - This project was identified from observations collected on the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU). We are supporting the doctors to ensure patients are reviewed by a senior doctor as soon as possible to ensure treatments are made about patients care at the earliest point to avoid delays. 
  • Ambulatory Care Unit - The Ambulatory Care team have identified a need to further increase the number of eligible patients being treated in the department. The team are collecting data to understand the patients they see daily and identifying those patients that have been admitted to hospital instead of being treated in the Ambulatory Care Unit.  This work will see more patients receiving treatment in an ambulatory care setting which means a reduction in the amount of patients unnecessarily admitted to hospital. 
  • Handover to Wards from MAU - This was a project identified at a rapid improvement event (RIE).  The aim is to reduce the time  taken to transfer a patient to a ward from the Medial Assessment Unit (MAU) and improve the effectiveness of the clinical handover.  Delayed patients on the MAU cause delays to patients waiting to be admitted from the Emergency Department.   The aim is to eliminate unnecessary delays to ensure the safe and quick transfer of patients to the most appropriate ward for their condition.  The work is being led by our medical matron, supported by a team of ward and site managers and medical consultants. 

Improved Diagnostics Project
The objective of this project is to ensure inpatient diagnostics are completed on the same day they are requested to ensure the patients treatment is not delayed. This project includes CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Interventional Radiology, Endoscopy, Echocardiograms and Angiograms. 

Reducing Delays for Patients who Require Additional Care After Hospital
We are working collaboratively with a wide range of providers including;

  • Livewell South West
  • NEW (North, East, West) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Kernow and South Devon Clinical Commissioning Groups

The aim of this work is to reduce delays for these patients.

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