Sexually Transmitted Infections

Have you had symptoms and are worried you might have an Sexually Transmitted Infection?  

The following symptoms might be caused by an sexually transmitted infection. 


  • Change in vaginal discharge, e.g. colour, smell, amount
  • Bleeding problems: heavier periods, bleeding after sex, bleeding in between periods 
  • Pelvic pain or pain when having sex


  • Discharge (fluid) coming from the tip of the penis 
  • Pain in the testicles 
  • Change in bowel habit e.g. pain, constipation or diarrhoea, blood or mucus in your stool (if you have been having anal sex) 


  • Abnormal skin: rash, itch, ulcers, sores or bumps 
  • Urine symptoms: needing to wee a lot and discomfort when urinating 

Remember you may have an sexually transmitted infection and not have any symptoms. If you are worried come and get checked. 

For more information on STIs please visit: 

Examples of STD treatment Examples of STD treatment


We offer screening and treatment for the following sexual infections and other genital conditions. We also offer screening for and vaccination against Hepatitis B and screening for Hepatitis C to those who are at risk of these infections.

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