There is a clinical psychologist in this clinic.  

What Psychological services are available? 

Treatment is available for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panics, depression, distressing memories, relationship issues or other problems, if caused by bad life events which are sexual in nature. This might be rape, childhood abuse or assaults. Treatment is available for current sexual problems, but this is not a sex therapy service. We also provide a psychological service to people living with HIV. 

What psychological methods are used? 

The psychologist specializes in eye movement desensitization therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, other anxiety problems or any problem where the patients can report distressing memories or mental images (download EMDR Leaflet). Audit shows that an average of three treatment sessions is needed for this method. Other therapy methods are available if required. 

Who can see the psychologist? 

The criteria for an appointment with the psychologist is that the problem must be about sexual health in some way. A child abuse history reported by an adult is included. It could also be a problem not directly related to sexual health, reported by a patient who has attended the clinic for another sexual health problem. If you are not sure if your problem fits the criteria, you can book an appointment to find out. 

How do I arrange to see the psychologist? 

Ask the Health Advisor, Nurse or Doctor at your appointment if you can see the psychologist.
 You do not have to see a doctor or nurse first. You can book directly using our phone number 01752 431124 or ask for an appointment at reception. 

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