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Plymouth Hospitals General Charity exists to support the work of Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust in providing the best possible healthcare to our patients; it supports the work of NHS staff and allows us to raise standards above the level that NHS funding alone allows.

Our Charitable Funds help us to enhance the hospital environment, to purchase equipment that will make a real difference to our patients, to contribute to research and to support staff development and training.  The hospitals and centres that we support are:

 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, including the Royal Eye Infirmary
 Child Development Centre
 Plymouth Dialysis Unit

Improving the patient experience is our most important objective.

Here is a sample of some of the projects we have assisted:

• Developing and testing of a new drug prescription and administration record.
• Funded the purchase of 50 iPads to run the Ward Quality Dashboard.
• Purchase of replacement chairs for Imaging.
• Refurbishment of Theatres Staff room on Level 4.

We are extremely grateful for all donations, whatever the size. Your donation can be used to support a particular ward or service, so please let us know your intentions. If you would like to support future improvements please click on the How to Make a Donation link.

Leading with excellence, caring with compassion