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A Big Thank You 

The cardiology team receive a generous donation

A “very satisfied customer” has helped Derriford’s Cardiology Department purchase even more specialist equipment to help other patients.

Ray Perkins, of Looseleigh, has previously been treated at Derriford Hospital for cardiac problems both by cardiologist Dr Ian Cox and surgeon Mr Jonathan-Unsworth-White.

 “Having two brothers who died at an early age with heart related problems, I am forever thankful to Dr Cox and his team for the dedicated care they have given me over the years,” said Ray. “I firmly believe if it wasn’t for Dr Cox, I would not be here to present this cheque to him and will always hold Dr Cox and his team in high esteem.”

Ray Perkins and his masonic brothers at the Sir Francis Drake Mark Lodge which meet at Manadon Masonic Hall, have raised £500 for the department.

This money is being used to purchase a specialist 12 lead ambulatory monitor used to monitor heart rhythm abnormalities.

Dr Cox said: “I am extremely grateful to Ray and his Masonic Lodge for their kind donation and look forward to using the new equipment to help other cardiac patients.”

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