2022 #1BigTeam Calendar

The January image from the calendar

January 2022
  Dry January
1st Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Catholic Christian)
1st Gantan-sai New Year (Shinto)
3rd New Year’s Day Bank Holiday 
4th World Braille day
6th Epiphany (Christian)
7th Christmas Day (Orthodox)
7th Trust Board meeting (private)
7-13th  Cervical Screening Awareness Week
10th Seijin no hi Coming of Age Day (Japanese)
14th Lohri – Sikh
14th Makar Sankranti (Hindu)
16h World Religion Day
17h Blue Monday
17th- 23rd Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
27th International Holocaust Remembrance Day 
31st International Transgender Day of Visibility

The February image from the calendar

February 2022
  LGBT+ History Month
  Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
1st Imbolc (Pagan) 
1st Chinese New Year
2nd Candlemas (Christian)
3rd Time to Talk Day
4th World Cancer Day
4th Trust Board meeting (private)
7 to 13 National Apprenticeship Week 
11th International Day of Women and Girls in Science
14th Saint Valentine’s Day
15th Nirvana Day (Buddhist)
15th International Childhood Cancer Day
16th Magha Puja Sangha Day (Buddhist)
17th Tu BiShvat (Judaism)
17th Random Acts of Kindness Day
20th World Day of Social Justice
21st International mother language day - UNESCO
21st - 27th Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
25th International STAND UP to Bullying Day

The March image from the calendar

March 2022
  Healthcare Science Week
  Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  Bisexual Health Awareness Month
1st Maha Shivratri (Hindu)
1st Lailat al Miraj (Islam)
1st Shrove Tuesday (Christian)
1st St David's Day (Christian)
1st Self-Harm Awareness Day
1st Zero Discrimination Day
2nd Ash Wednesday (Christian)
3rd World Hearing Day 
4th University Mental Health Day
4th Employee Appreciation Day
4th Trust Board meeting (private)
6th - 12th World Glaucoma Week 
8th International Women’s Day
10th No Smoking Day
10th World Kidney Day 
14th - 20 Brain Awareness Week 
14th - 20 Nutrition and Hydration Week
17th Holi (Hindu)
17th St Patrick’s Day (Christian)
18th World Sleep Day
19th Hola Mohalla (Sikh)
20th World Oral Health Day
20th Ostara / Spring equinox/ Alban Eilir (Pagan)
21st World Down Syndrome Day 
21st International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
25th FND Awareness Week
27th BST begins - Clocks go forward

The April image from the calendar

April 2022
  International Day of immunology
  Lesbian Visibility Week
  Big Pinch Launch
  Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 
  Stress Awareness Month
  On Your Feet Britain
1st Trust Board meeting (public and private)
2nd World autism day
2nd Ramadan begins (Islam)
7th World health day
8th Day of Silence
10th Palm Sunday (Christian)
10th Rama Navami (Hindu)
11th World Parkinson's Day
14th Vaisakhi (Sikh)
14th Maundy Thursday (Christian)
15th Good Friday (Christian) Bank Holiday
16th Passover begins (Jewish)
17th Easter Sunday (Christian)
17th World Haemophilia Day
18th Easter Monday (Christian) Bank Holiday
18h Lailat al Bara'ah (Islam)
18- 24th MS Awareness Week
22nd Earth Day
22nd Stephen Lawrence Day
23rd St George’s Day 
26-30th Allergy Awareness Week
28th Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Day ( Jewish)

Lailat al-Qadr (Islam)

The May image from the calendar

May 2022
  Cleft lip and Palate Awareness Week
  Fibromyalgia Awareness Month
  Williams Syndrome Awareness Month
  National Walking Month
  Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week
  Heart Failure Awareness Week
  Mental health awareness week
2nd Early May Bank Holiday
3rd Eid al Fitr (Islam)
3rd Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  Beltane (Pagan)
3 - 9th  Sun Awareness Week
4 - 9th Deaf awareness week
5th International Infection Prevention Control Week
6th International Asexuality Day
6th Vesak Buddha Day (Buddhist)
6th Trust Board meeting (private)
9 - 15th Dying Matters Week
9 - 15th Coeliac Awareness Week
  Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week
10 - 16th National Vegetarian Week 
11th National Day for Staff Networks #togetherness
12th International Nurses Day
12th Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS Day
17th International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB)
15th International Day of Families
15 - 21st Christian Aid Week
15 - 21st Epilepsy Awareness Week
16 - 22nd Dementia Action Week
19th Agender Pride
20th International Clinical Trials Day
21st World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
25th World Thyroid Day
28th International Day of Action for Women's Health
31st World No Tobacco Day

The June image from the calendar

June 2022
  Volunteers' week
  LGBT+ Pride Month
  CDH Awareness Month
  Recycle Now Week
  Turner Syndrome Awareness Day
  Blood Donor Week
  Mencap Learning Disability Week
  Deafblind Awareness Week
1- 7th UK Breastfeeding Week
2nd Spring Bank Holiday
3rd Platinum Jubilee bank holiday
3rd Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev (Sikh)
4th Shavuot (Jewish)
5th World Environment Day 
5th Pentecost (Christian)
5th World Environment Day
7 - 13th  Carers Week
8th World Ocean's Day
8 - 15th Bike Week
10 - 17th Men’s Health Week
10 - 17th Diabetes Week
14th World Blood Donor Day
16th National Clean Air Day
16th Corpus Christi (Catholic Christian)
19th World Sickle Cell Day 2022
20th World Refugee Day
20 - 26th Scottish Learning Disability Week
21st Litha/ Summer Solstice / Alban Hefin (Pagan)
21st World Humanist Day
22nd National Windrush Day
24th Sacred Heart of Jesus (Catholic Christian)
25th Armed Forces Day
28th Stonewall Riots Anniversary
29th Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (Christian)

The July image from the calendar

July 2022
  Samaritans Talk to Us Week
  Happy Birthday NHS (1948)
  UK Black Pride
  NHS Big Tea
  National Fragile X Awareness Day
  Disability Awareness Day
1st Trust Board meeting (private)
9th Waqf al Arafa (Islam)
10th Eid al Adha (Islam)
11th- 17th Non-binary Awareness Week
12th Orangemen’s Day
13th Asalha Puja Dharma Day (Buddhist)
14th International Non-binary People’s Day
16th International Drag Day
18th Nelson Mandela International Day
23th Birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie (Rastafari)
24th Pioneer Day (Mormon Christian)
28th World Hepatitis Day
30th International Day of Friendship
30th Al-Hijra/Muharram New Year (Islam)

The August image from the calendar

August 2022
  Lughnasadh/ Lammas (Pagan)
  Transfiguration Sunday (Christian)
  Plymouth Pride and Respect Festival
1-7th World Breastfeeding Week 
4th Cycle to Work Day
5th Trust Board Meeting (public and private)
6th Tish'a B'av (Jewish)
8th Ashura (Islam)
12th International Youth Day
13th International Left Handers Day
15th Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary (Catholic Christian)
19th World Humanintarian Day
18th Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu)
29th Summer Bank Holiday 

The September image from the calendar

September 2022
  World Dementia Awareness Month
  Urology Awareness Month
  National Blood Cancer Awareness Month
  Organ Donation Awareness Week 
  Know Your Numbers! Week
  Mabon / Autumn equinox /Alban Elfed (Pagan)
  Emergency Services Day
4 - 10th National Suicide Prevention Week
6th Trust Board meeting (private)
10th World Suicide Prevention Day
13th World Sepsis Day
17th World Patient Safety Day
17- 24th Bisexual Awareness Week
21st International Day of Peace
23rd Bisexual Visibility Day
23 - 30th  National Eye Health Week
24 Sep -1 Oct Sexual Health Week
24th World's Biggest Coffee Morning
25th Rosh Hashanah begins (Jewish)
27th National Fitness Day
29th Michaelmas – Saint Michael and All Angels (Christian)
29th World Heart Day 
31st Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu)

The October image from the calendar

October 2022
  Burns Awareness Day
  Invisible Disabilities Week
  Dyslexia Week
  Black History Month
  Speak Up Month
  National Cholesterol Month
  Rett Syndrome month
  Breast cancer awareness month 
1st International Day of Older Persons
7th World Smile Day
4th Saint Francis’ Day (Christian)
5 - 9th Back Care Awareness Week
7th Trust Board Meeting (public and private)
7 - 14th National Work Life Week
7 - 8th Mawlid al-Nabi (Islam)
  Birthday of Guru Ram Das (Sikh)
9th Sukkot begins (Jewish)
10th World Mental Health Day 
11th National Coming Out Day
13th World Sight Day
15th Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day
15th Global Hand Hygiene Day 
17th Spirit Day
18th World Menopause Day
19th International Pronoun Day
20th World Osteoporosis Day
22nd International Stammering Awareness Day
23 - 29th Asexual Awareness Week
26th Intersex Awareness Day
29th World Stroke Day
30th BST Ends clocks go back
  Samhain (Pagan)
  Reformation Day (Protestant Christian)
31st All Hallows’ Eve (Christian)
31st Samhain (Halloween) – Beltane 

The November image from the calendar

November 2022
  Movember (Men’s awareness month)
  National Stress Awareness Day
  Fertility Week
  Occupational Therapy Week
  Inter Faith Week
  16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence
1st All Saints Day (Christian)
2nd All Souls’ Day (Christian)
2nd Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I (Rastafari)
4th Trust Board meeting (private)
6th Transgender Parent Day
8th International Day of Radiology
8th Intersex Day of Remembrance
11th All Saints’ Day (Christian)
11th Armistice Day
13th World Kindness Day
13th Remembrance Sunday
14-20th Transgender Awareness Week
14th World Diabetes Day 
15 - 19th Anti-Bullying Week
17th World Prematurity Day
18th Alcohol Awareness Week
19th International Men's Day
20th Transgender Day of Remembrance
24th Diwali – Deepavali (Hindu, Sikh, Jain)
25th National Carers Rights Day
27th Advent Sunday (Christian)
30th Saint Andrew’s Day (Christian)

The December image from the calendar

December 2022
  PKU Awareness Day
1st World AIDS Day
2nd International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2nd Trust Board (public and private)
3rd International Day of People with Disabilities 
6th St Nicholas Day (Christian)
8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Christian)
10th Human Rights Day
18th Chanukah begins (Jewish)
22nd Yule / Winter Solstice / Alban Arthan (Pagan)
25th Christmas Day (Christian)
26th Saint Stephen’s Day (Christian)
26th Boxing Day Bank Holiday
27th Christmas Day Bank Holiday 
30th Feast of the Holy Family (Catholic Christian)
31 New Year’s Eve/Hogmanay

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