Advent Day 3

Photo of Amelia Theis Amelia Theis – Putting Patients First

Her nominator said:

"Leaving work one evening, Amelia came across a young man having a mental health crisis. His father was with him and was desperately trying to convince him to return to the Emergency Department. Amelia helped the patient when he was lying on the ground banging his head, spoke to him calmly and stayed with him, walking around the hospital grounds, reassuring him, until he agreed to go with her into the department. She then stayed with him for over three hours, calmly talking to him and reassuring him until he was seen by staff there, despite missing her last bus. Amelia’s actions demonstrate that Operating Department Practitioners also care!"



Also nominated were:

Sue Ives, Healthcare of the Elderly

Adult Cystic Fibrosis Team

Kayleigh Gilmore, Pharmacy

AAU Team, Acute Assessment Unit

Fiona Walker, Pharmacy

Hepatology Research Nurse Team

Acute Dietetic Team

Pharmacy Logistics  Team            

Keith Bell, Emergency Deparment

Claire Page, Shipley Ward

SHiP (Sexual Health in Plymouth)             

Debbie Newman, Emergency Department

Outpatient Appointment Centre             

Debbie Walters, Lyd Ward          

Diane Nicholls, Lynher Ward

Kate Hocking, Imaging

Ultrasound team, X-Ray West

Cardiology GSA

Rahena Choudry, Emergency Department


Prudencio Banta, Clinical Decision Unit

Admin Team at Child Development Centre         

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