Anita Dykes

Matron Anita Dykes with son Sam

My role

I’ve been the Matron for Acute Paediatrics for four years.


Why I ♥ the NHS

My son Sam was born at 29 weeks after an eventful holiday in Greece. My waters broke at 27 weeks and I was airlifted off Rhodes (in a Hercules!)  to the Greek mainland. The hospital certainly was a little different from the NHS. My family were expected to come in to the hospital and look after me and provide my meals. This proved very difficult as they were in the UK and my husband was only allowed to visit the women’s hospital for an hour in the afternoon.

I eventually made it back to the UK and was admitted to maternity and had the most fantastic care. Both my child and myself were closely monitored as I had become unwell with an overwhelming infection. I am very grateful that they took such good care of me. Sam was born at 29 weeks and in good condition so he was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where he spent 10 weeks. At the time I was a Sister in the Emergency Department (ED), now I am Matron for NICU and am extremely proud to be part of such a fantastic service.

Sam being Sam, he didn’t behave himself and shortly after we were discharged he became unwell with a respiratory illness. Again the NHS came into its own and we were quickly assessed in Emergency and then admitted to Paediatrics. Again the care we received was second to none. I know those cynics amongst you will say “ahh but that’s because you work there,” but it wasn’t…

I am now Matron for Acute Paediatrics as well as NICU and every single day I see staff who go above and beyond to ensure children receive first class care. We don’t always get it right, but we learn and I was extremely proud at our last CQC visit when were highlighted as being Outstanding for Caring.  I am extremely proud of all the staff who I work with and I am extremely grateful that I have gorgeous young man who has just passed his 11+. Without the NHS I suspect the outcome may not have been so positive. Thank you!

Anita with baby Sam in Neonatal Intensive Care    Baby Sam in Neonatal Intensive Care

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