Advent Day 4

Brent Ward & Meavy Ward - Putting Patients First


Image of Brent Ward team Brent Ward
The team on Brent ward are simply amazing. “I have never met people as caring and considerate as these nurses and healthcare assistants. Nothing is ever too much for them.

“They are brilliant at putting patients first, they manage their work load well, and do not complain. Every day they have to take on a lot emotionally, due to the nature of the ward and they always make sure that they check in on one another which is very important.”

Image of Meavy WardMeavy Ward
“We turned up to A&E on Monday 27th May expecting to be told my symptoms were normal for 18 weeks of pregnancy and to go home and rest. What actually happened over the next few hours is now a bit of a blur! I was in labour; an infection in my amniotic fluid meant our baby, who still had a heartbeat at this point, would be delivered.

“We honestly could not have got through without the team on Meavy ward. We honestly aren’t sure how to thank them enough and believe this award may go some way in recognizing how wonderful a job the team up there do.”

Also nominated were:

Urology Robotic surgical team

Sharp Ward

Derriford Centre for Health & Wellbeing Team

Newborn DDH hip screening team 

Stephanie Raymont, Freedom Unit

Mayflower Ward             

Sam James, CYPOD        

Outpatient Appointment Centre

Appointments Team and Medical Secretaries at Child Development Centre

Meavy Ward

Jayne Buckley, Freedom Unit    


Bereavement Team - Louise and Lynda

Ellen Armitage and Lucy Vick, Patient Services

Dr O Cuthall         

Freedom unit

Fiona veale, Emergency Department

Katryn Joll, Natalie Kelland and Rebecca harwood, Brent Ward

Neonatal Intensive Care team

Mayflower ward

Complaints Team

Laura Newall, CYPOD

David Pitman, Volunteer

Kathy Webb, IBD nurse                  




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