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From 2020 to 2021, we have seen and felt pain like no other, and we have felt joy and love upon reuniting with our loved ones. Our strength is in our unity to lighten the load that we all share. Yet we can’t become what we do not see, and what we have within UHP are resilient, tenacious and kind individuals who have gone above and beyond.

During October it is common to champion international figures but this year, in honour of Black History Month and for those who have suffered from the pandemic, we asked colleagues from all areas of our Trust to nominate an ethnically diverse colleague, or ally, who has impacted them in a positive, meaningful and memorable way, or has done something they feel deserves recognition.

We really want to bring forward those who are championing the values of being a great colleague and making a difference in the workplace.

Black History Month

  1. Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 1

    -Aline Uwingabire, Healthcare Assistant
    -Ruth Scrivener, Learning and Organisational Development Administration Assistant & Freedom to Speak Up Guardian
    -Ibreez Ajaz, Internal Medicine Trainee (CT3), Freedom to Speak Up Guardian & SW BMA Bame Co-Chair

  2. Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 2

    -Mr Chris Oppong, Consultant Surgeon
    -Shadna Lallchand, Emergency Nurse Practitioner
    -Rez Rogers, Healthcare Scientist

  3. Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 3

    Louise Kinsella, Deputy Ward Mananger in Dematology

    Joshy Varghese, Trust Doctor in Neurology

  4. Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 4

    Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 4

    Merris Longstaff, Nurse at Minor Injuries

    William Mukonoweshuro, Consultant Neuroradiologist 

    Kyeiyanne James, Associate Practitioner 

  5. Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 5

    Claire Underdown, Assistant Director of People

    Hannah Jory, Assistant Practitioner in Research and Development

    Jo Beer, Chief Operating Officer

    Rebecca Brown, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

    Siobhan McCoulough, Tissue Viability Nurse 

Total results: 5

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