Cube Appeal Success

Cube appeal Over the past 18 months, the Children’s Happy Hospital Fund has raised a fantastic £26,688.77 to refurbish the cubicles on the children’s wards at  Derriford Hospital.

The Cube Appeal, which launched in April 2017, is now complete. 18 cubicles have been refurbished, creating a more relaxed, comfortable space for patients who need to be isolated due to their conditions.

The walls have been painted with bright colours, new flooring has been installed and there are new chairs which can fold out to provide a bed for parents. The appeal also received donations of televisions, games consoles and fridge-freezers.

Play Service Team Leader, Sue Rodgers, said: “The refurbishment has particularly benefited long term patients, who have said that they enjoyed being part of the design team and that it’s made a big difference to them.

“The Children’s Happy Hospital Fund along with the wards and patients who have benefited would like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped with the project; from those who have donated a few pounds, to those who took this project as their chosen charity of the year.”

With special thanks to:

TSB, National Express, Football in the Community / Plymouth Argyle, Lions of Ivybridge, Folly Fest, Inner Wheel, HMS Raleigh, Plymouth Law Society, Mr Speery, Woollcombe Yonge Solicitors, Brookside Social Club, RAOB Social Club, Lola Watt, Price, Waterhouse & Cooper, Agaton Social Club, BT and Pomphlett Primary School.


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