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a blue heart with #proudofPlymouthNHS written inside Here in Plymouth, healthcare staff and support staff are working tirelessly in hospitals, GP surgeries, in people’s homes and out in the community to meet people’s needs.  

From delivering babies and focusing on child development, to supporting those with long-term conditions and caring for people at the end of their life, NHS staff are there from cradle to grave. It is hard and staff from cleaner to consultant, receptionist to therapist, give over and above of themselves as standard. It’s a #1bigteam effort.

We’re in the middle of winter and there is no denying health and social care services are struggling to meet demand. The reasons behind this are multiple and complex and the BBC have had a go at summarising some of the issues here.

We don’t always get things right. Our #1bigteam of staff are human and sometimes we make mistakes and say sorry. Sometimes the pressure on the system means patient appointments have to be cancelled, waits are too long and compromises have to be made. We are sorry when this happens but we are doing the best we can and we’re always trying to make things better.

We know if we report when things do go wrong, we can learn from those occasions and try to make things even safer and better in the future. In Plymouth, we have one of the most open reporting cultures in the NHS. We also have a culture of encouraging people to say Thank You and Learn from Excellence – learning from the many, many episodes of excellent care.

Most of all, we know that the way our #1bigteam of staff feel is important. We are our NHS.

Studies show there are clear links between improved staff experience and better care for patients. We are doing everything we can to improve the working lives of our #1bigteam in Plymouth NHS and that includes celebrating the commitment and achievements of our #1bigteam. When we do this, many members of our #1bigteam say it impacts positively on the way they feel.

So, as we prepare to mark #NHS70 this year, we want to pick out some of the big and not-so-big examples of why many people are #ProudofPlymouthNHS

We will use this hashtag on Twitter @PHNT_NHS and @Derriford_Hosp, Facebook and Instagram. Please join in if you wish.

Here's a few reasons but there are many more. everytime someone tweets, facebooks or gives us a reason, we'll share it using the #proudofPlymouthNHS hashtag.

11 reasons to be proud



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