Supporting your hospital during the Coronavirus

Supporting the NHS - picture of nurses and the hospital logo

Thank you for thinking of supporting your hospital.

Your donation will help your hospital face the continually changing situation brought about by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It has been a difficult time.

The Covid-19 outbreak has had a profound effect on all the systems within NHS hospitals. It has been difficult for both staff and patients affected by Covid-19. But it has also had an impact on all of the working practices within your hospital.

We need to be able to respond where the need is greatest. We need to help support and encourage solutions - be that through buying equipment, supporting or engaging services or through funding refurbishments that lead to better healthcare and mental well-being.

The donation you make will be used to enhance and strengthen your hospital teams and their ability to respond to these difficulties above and beyond what NHS funding alone allows.

You’ll be making it better for everyone.

Thank you.

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