Charity news — articles for November 2022

Plymouth Hospitals Charity champions inclusion through dedicated funding

Plymouth Hospitals Charity’s (PHC) successful bid has enhanced the working lives of many at University Hospitals Plymouth (UHP).


Evidence shows that to provide patients with the best possible care, we must also ensure that our people get the best experience of work. Throughout 2020, UHP launched 5 staff networks with the goal to invest in the wellbeing of colleagues who identify with protected characteristics (gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and disability) and to give them a voice that is heard.  We know that people in our communities and our workplaces who identify with protected characteristics face more issues in the workplace including harassment, bullying or abuse, discrimination and barriers to career progression.  UHP want to ensure everyone has a real sense of belonging that enhances working relationships and encourages everyone to feel they do not need to hide who they are and bring their whole selves to work. PHC were able to secure funds to support the launch and growth of these 5 groups. During this time where supporting others was bumped to the forefront of our minds, these networks have become, confidential spaces for colleagues to discuss matters important to them at the same time as working with UHP to make our hospital inclusive for patients and colleagues who identify with protected characteristics.

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