Disability awareness staff stories

The Disability & Wellbeing Network feel strongly that sharing our personal stories will have a big impact on our colleagues who may not have a good understanding of what individuals with disabilities/long term health conditions have to cope with on a daily basis, as well as, coming to work within UHP. This template is a route to encourage people to share their disability either with their identity or anonymously, to raise awareness of staff with the many disabilities/long term health conditions within the trust. This will help us understand the various disabilities/long term conditions themselves and also enable us to support our UHP staff better. It can be as basic or as detailed as you like or you can even use it to turn it into a blog post. We aim to share these stories trust wide and on our social media. If you are unsure, have a read of this lovely research backed blog on the benefits of sharing your story for yourself as well as others.

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DAWN Staff stories

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