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Getting to know you

Issue: May 2020

Review: May 2022

Ref: C-109med/SC/getting to know you v5

PDF:  Getting to know you [pdf] 447KB


Additional Information about patients in hospital, regarding individual details, preferences and wishes, for people unable to readily explain these needs to staff.

Patient’s Name:  

Prefers to be called:


Whilst you are a patient in this hospital, we would like to get to know you better, your likes, dislikes, usual routines and preferences. This will enable us to treat you with respect and dignity and ensure that the care you receive is tailored to you personally Please complete whichever parts of this booklet which you feel would help us care for you as an individual and achieve our aim of getting to know you better during your hospital stay. If you are unable to complete this, we will ask someone to help you do so. If you have a “This is me” leaflet or “Hospital Passport”, please let us know, as it would be useful if this could be brought into hospital too.


Tell us about the person who knows you best:

How is this person involved in your care/everyday life?

Who else is important to you? What is their relationship to you?

We have a policy of Open visiting and Carer support. If you wish or need someone to stay with you during any part of your hospital assessment, care or treatment we will facilitate this, please speak to a member of the ward team if you wish someone to be actively involved in your care, stay with you for longer periods or be involved in the decisions regarding your treatment

What are your particular interests or hobbies?

What do/did you do for a living?

What is your usual daily routine? Describe what sorts of things you would usually do at home:

We encourage people to get dressed in hospital, including outdoor shoes, as this helps people maintain activity and encourages recovery. It would be helpful if someone could bring in day clothes and shoes for you to wear on the ward.

Which part of the day are you at your best?

What is your usual sleep routine? Bedtime, preparation for bed, sleeping pattern, usual time to wake

Feel free to have a few personal effects brought into hospital, which may help you settle and sleep at night i.e., photo’s, pillow, pillow cases and blanket

Do you have any particular spiritual/religious/cultural beliefs or activities which you wish to maintain whilst in hospital?

What could be brought in to hospital from home, which may help to alleviate boredom or distract you during your hospital stay?

Do you have any eyesight or hearing difficulties? Do you have glasses/hearing aids with you in hospital?

Name particular foods or drinks which you prefer

List particular foods or drinks which you do not like

What worries you about being in hospital?

Is there anything which may make you anxious, distressed or upset whilst in hospital?

If you do become distressed in hospital, what or who may make you feel better?

Please tell us about anything else which may help us to make your hospital stay better

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