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Minor Eye Care Service (MECS)

Date issued:  October 2021

Ref: Ref:  A-387/NM/REI/The minor eye care service MECS v2

PDF:   Minor Eye Care Service [pdf] 189KB


The service provides urgent eye assessments for patients complaining of recent minor eye conditions.

What conditions may be seen by MECS ?

  • Red eye or eyelids with no reduced vision
  • Dry or gritty, or itchy and uncomfortable eyes. Patients should have tried a “DRY EYE” drop (available from most opticians or pharmacies) for a minimum of two weeks with no improvement before presenting for a MECS appointment.
  • Ingrowing eyelashes- if recurrent problem then referral may be required and not a MECS appointment. Please speak to your own optician for advice BEFORE booking a MECS appointment
  • Mild eye pain (on a scale of 1-5): 1-3 improving with painkillers
  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye
  • Superficial Foreign body in the eye
  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
  • Recent flashes or floaters less than 3 months with no loss of vision and / or no obstruction across vision
  • Recent loss or distortion of vision more than 48 hours and less than 3 months with no pain

What assessments will the MECS practitioners make?

 They will:

  1. Take a history of present problem, any past eye and medical history, medications, allergies and family history of eye disease.
  2.  Assess the vision and examine the eyes.

They may also use drops to enlarge the pupils. These may affect the vision for a few hours (possibly up to 6 hours for some people).

DO NOT DRIVE TO THE APPOINTMENT or undertake other hazardous activities whilst vision is still blurred from drops.

How do I book an appointment with MECS?

Please call to arrange an appointment

Please take your glasses and a list of your current          medication with you to the appointment.

Accredited MECS Practitioners

Devon Practices

Angus McPhie Optometrists

01822 612863

7 Market Street, Tavistock

Boots Opticians

01822 612076

82 West Street, Tavistock

Iconic Opticians

01752 415490

73 Cornwall Street, Plymouth

01752 404544

The Broadway, Plymstock

For Your Eyes Only

01548 852636

77 Fore Street, Kingsbridge

Newsome Opticians

01752 671107

Glanvilles Mill, Ivybridge

Noakes, Habermehl and Kerr

01752 772116

2 Meavy Way, Crownhill

01752 345269

62 Ridgeway, Plympton

01752 892185

6 Fore Street, Ivybridge


01822 619910

3 West Street, Tavistock


01752 253434

152-154 Armada Way, Plymouth


01752 402241

39-41 The Broadway, Plymstock


Cornwall Practices

Andrew Keirl

01579 346694

The Parade, Liskeard

Huxter and Davy

01503 262054

Higher Market Street, The Quay, Looe

01752 813687

56 Antony Road, Torpoint

Noakes, Habermehl and Kerr

01752 847477

101 Fore Street, Saltash

01579 382345

49 Fore Street, Callington


01752 850120

27-29 Lower Fore Street, Saltash


01566 774354

11 Broad Street, Launceston


01579 343348

4a Pike Street, Liskeard

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